Wine List

White Wine

(1) to (9) denotes from dry to sweet

Medium White

Great on its own or with spicy food

Vinho Verde Caves Alianca N.V.

Portugal (2)
Famous for its light dry style. Produced in the most Northern vineyards from predominantly Alvarinho grapes.

Off Dry White

Wines for apreitif or gently flavoured food

Pinot Grigio Ca' Bolani Estate Zonin

Italy (1)
A lovely smokey bouquet - at first delicate in the mouth, then fills out to more complex, luscious flavours.

Crisp Dry White

Seafood wines

Hugues de Beauvignac Sauvignon Blanc Vin de Pays d'Oc

France (1)
Subdued gooseberry nose with lovely ripe sherberty flavour - excellent!

Picpoul de Pinet, Hugues de Beauvignac

France (1)
Lovely melon - like nose with a fresh palate and a long clean finish. An impressive and unique wine from the Mediterranean coast rarely seen in the U.K.

Portico da Ria Albarino

Spain (1)
Typical albarino, crisp fresh and lemony - the ultimate seafood wine.

Wairau River Reserve Black Label Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand (1)
This wine continues to amaze us with its mix of power and elegance. Upfront nettles and a touch of minerality on the nose combine well with blackcurrants, passion fruit notes and a subtle briney character on the palate. The finish is long and persistent.

Sancerre Domaine de la Perriere

Spain (1)
Well-balanced and fruity on the nose with aromas of white flowers, vineyard peach and acacia. On the palate this wine is supple and well-structured and develops mineral and white fruit notes.

Full Ripe Dry White

Flavourful wines that can handle dishes with spices

La Forge Marsanne Domaine Paul Mas

France (2)
Bright golden straw - aromas of honeysuckle, hazelnuts and quince. Rich and mellow with a good fresh, crisp balance and a long finish. Ideal with seafood, fish, fresh cheese or fruit desserts.

Yarra Valley Estate Grown Chardonnay

Australia (2)
Classic Chardonnay with a fantastic nose from the subtle use of oak. A hint of vanilla on a complex palate with layer upon layer of flavour. A truly great glass of wine.

Chablis Premier Cru Forchuame Daniel Seguinot

France (1)
Very fine fruit with an abundance of texture, finesse and a classic nervy edge to the finish. Intense, sensual and complex, an exceptional Premier Cru Chablis.


(1) to (9) denotes from dry to sweet

San Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rosé

Italy (2)
Delicate peachy armoas with tropical fruit flavours.

Chateau Roubine Côte de Provence Cru Classe Rosé

France (1)
The complexity of this blend of three Provencal varietals (Cinsault, Grenache and Mourvèdre) make it a real pleasure to drink, fine and delicate. Ideal as an aperitif.

Red Wines

(A) to (E) denotes from light to full bodied

Light Red

If you like red wine with fish, this is the style

Tinamou Pinot Noir

Chile (B)
Gentle in the mouth but firm long finish and a complex aftertaste.

Medium Bodied Reds

A match for grills

Senorial Rioja Tinto

Spain (C)
Lovely blackberry fruit with a hint of vanilla from some ageing in oak barrique.

Hugues de Beauvignac Merlot

France (C)
A medal winning Merlot full of complex round flavours and a long finish.

Coto "De Imaz" Rioja Reserva

Spain (D)
A soft gentle style of Rioja with a toasted, slightly spicy flavour and a long lingering finish.

Full Bodied Reds

Steak and Casserole Wines

Mclaren Vale Shiraz, De Bortoli

Australia (E)
Deep brooding colour and a bouquet like unfortified Port. A big black spicy mouthful. Massive complexity with a flavour that goes on and on.

Irene Morales Gran Reserva Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon

Chile (D)
A lovely big sturdy blend of classic grape varieties, giving and intensely flavoured, complex red.

Fin del Mundo Malbec Reserva

Argentina (D)
This lush, lightly oaked and very smooth Malbec is produced in Southern Argentina by Bodegas Del Fin Del Mundo - literally "The Winery at the end of the World" and this wine is, in fact, out of this world.

Sparkling & Champagne

(1) to (9) denotes from dry to sweet

Prosecco Nua

Italy (2)
A very popular sparkling wine from North East Italy. Fragrant light and juicy with a surprisingly soft texture.

Prosecco Magnum Zonin

1.5 litre £38.95

Prosecco Zonin

75cl £20.95 20cl £7.95

Treviso Prosecco Pasqua

Italy (2)
A really interesting Italian sparkling wine. A fragrant light juicy sparkler, with surprisingly soft texture.

Taittinger Brut Reserve N.V.

France (1)
The 2008 vintage has produced wines characterized by freshness and vivacity, with a perfectly integrated acidity that suggests they will age very well. Intense and mineral, the nose combines floral and citrus notes. On the palate, fruit, vinosity and richness predominate.

House Selection

(A) to (E) denotes from light to full bodied
(1) to (9) denotes from dry to sweet

Crisp Dry White

Neptune Point Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand (1)
This wine presents an exhilarating blend of fresh gooseberry and capsicum flavours, ripe tropical notes and crisp acidity.

Intense Corner Red

Woodbrook Vineyard Shiraz Central Ranges

Australia (D)
Spicy red but elegant with plenty of flavour and a long finish.

Medium Bodied Red

Volandas Merlot

Chile (C)
A gentle textured red with nuances of black cherries and herbs.

Williams Grove Shiraz

Australia (C)
Sturdy red with a big intense flavour and a long finish.

Full Bodied Reds

Pablo Cortez Malbec

Argentina (C)
Berries, plums, marmalade and cherries on the nose with intense full bodied black fruit and a sweet soft tannin finish.


Pink Orchid Zinfandel Blush

California (3)
A soft fruity Zinfandel rosé wine with hints of Strawberries and Raspberries.

Le Montalus Rosé Grenache / Syrah Cave de Pomerol

France (2)
Crushed strawberry nose big mouth-watering flavour with a slight edge of sweetness - a really super treat.

Medium Dry White

Cape Marlin Chenin Blanc

South Africa (2)
Juicy, grapey style with a mouth-watering finish.

Off Dry White

Pinot Grigio San Giorgio

Italy (1)
A hint of nuts, apricots and cream on the nose welcome and tantalize the taste buds.

Crisp Dry White

Volandas Sauvignon Blanc

Chile (2)
Full of varietal character with gooseberry/grassy aromas. A beautifully balanced well rounded crisp clean Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine by the Glass

Name 175ml 250ml
Neptune Point Sauvignon Blanc £5.25 £6.25
Woodbrook Vineyard Shiraz Central Ranges £5.25 £6.25
Le Montalus Rosé Grenache/Syrah Cave de Pomerol £4.50 £5.50
Volandas Merlot £4.50 £5.50
Williams Grove Shiraz £4.50 £5.50
Pablo Cortez Malbec £4.50 £5.50
Pink Orchid Zinfandel Blush £4.50 £5.50
Cape Marlin Chenin Blanc £4.50 £5.50
Pinot Grigio San Giorgio £4.50 £5.50
Volandas Sauvignon Blanc £4.50 £5.50
Prosecco Zonin - 20cl £7.95